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Prices exclude applicable taxes.

Below is pricing for pedicures, manicures and extensions.

All nail treatments delivered by Nadine Mariano, Mondays only :)



This luxurious treatment begins with an Epsom salts foot soak including your choice of Lavendar, Eucalyptus or Peppermint essential oil, followed closely by:

  • Cuticle clean up
  • Nail trim & shape
  • Callus clean up
  • Sugar scrub and Foot massage
  • Polish.

Standard Pedi  (60 minutes)

BeBio polish is used for this application which means the polish can be removed at home using regular nail remover.

This also means the nails are not "cured" before you leave so plan to leave in sandals/flipflops if you choose polish


Shellac Pedi (75 minutes)

Upgrade to Bio Seaweed Gel polish.

Why use Bio Seaweed ​gel polish instead of the standard BeBio polish?

Gel polish lasts!!!

Denise's mom has been blown away by the durability of this polish, she will never go back to standard polish.

With all gel polish applications each layer is cured under our UV nail light.  This is the reason for the extra time requirement for this treatment and the reason you can put your socks and shoes on to leave without concern.

*This polish will need to be removed by a professional.


Pedicure notes:

  • Do you need Gel nail polish removal? If so, please add this to your appointment so that we have enough time.
  • Above prices do not include nail art. If you wish to have nail art, please be sure to add that as well, nail art options are listed below the manicure lists.


All of our Manicures include:

  • Nail shaping
  • Cuticle care
  • Massage
  • Nail polish

Manicure polish options vary so please read the options carefully.  Each option effects the price, application duration and expectation.

These prices do not include nail art.  Please be sure to add the service to your booking, see the table below for nail art pricing and examples.

Do you need removal.? Please add this to your booking so we have enough time.

Polish options

Standard polish:

     -Be Bio

Gel polish:

     -Bio Seaweed

Gel Overlay:




Standard Mani (40 minutes)

Be Bio polish is used for this application which means the polish can be removed at home using regular nail remover.

There is no curing required for this application.


Shellac Mani (60 minutes)

Bio Seaweed Shellac polish is applied.

Bio seaweed is a Gel soak off manicure.  This means the polish is cured between each coat and requires Soak off to remove. 

Bio Seaweed cannot add length and there is no structure given by this polish - Note:  It is much more durable than a regular polish lasting and lasting


Luminary Mani (75 minutes)

The strongest nails you can have! 

Flexible and strong, promoting natural nail growth.

Recommended every 3-5 weeks.

This is an extremely high quality product.


LCN Gel nails new set (120 minutes)

These are Nail extensions!!

Recommended every 3-4weeks.

Any of the other polishes can be applied atop these extensions.


LCN Gel nails fill (90 minutes)

MAX *four week* gel fill.

Over four weeks Please expect full set timing and pricing.

***If someone else applied their original LCN, We wont fill someone elses LCN


Nail Art


  • 5 minutes
  • $ Custom pricing
  • Could be something like glitter, ombré glitter, rhinestones, multicoloured nails, etc.


  • 15 Minutes
  • $15
  • Could be animal print, basic florals, leaves, French, chrome, etc.


  • 20 Minutes
  • $20
  • Complex florals, characters, detailed stripes, etc
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