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Springfield Wellness is offering trainings through Lotus Palm!


With the exception of practice sessions, new trainings are on hold while covid is being resolved

Springfield Wellness is proud to to offer Thai Massage Trainings through Montreal's Lotus Palm Institute of Thai Massage and Traditional Bodywork.

Founded in 1995 by Kam Thye Chow and continued by his protégé Sukha Wong, Lotus Palm is North America's first school of Thai Massage. Lotus Palm is recognized worldwide for their commitment to the art, their professional and heartfelt approach. We are incredible lucky to offer these trainings right here in Manitoba - instead of having to travel to Montreal, The Bahamas, New York or Thailand where Sukha usually teaches this ancient art.

Professional training courses offered in Manitoba for 2020 have been halted due to COVID-19.  Introduction to Thai Massage classes will continue!

Thai Massage Level 1 training 


Thai Massage Level 2 training 


Guided reviews and Introduction classes are resuming in July

Please see the lotus palm website for full Lotus Palm details and below for Springfield Wellness courses, dates, and more.

Introduction to Thai Massage!

Thai Massage is for everyone!

Intro classes will be held in Lion's Park, Oakbank MB this summer

In this 2-hour workshop, students are introduced to the practice of Thai Yoga Massage. Through demonstration and hands-on practice one learns a fundamental 20-minute form - which you can repeat making for a longer treatment - and gains first-hand experience in both giving and receiving a Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Yoga Massage is an accessible form of assisted hatha yoga, combining meditation, yoga, and compassion. You don’t have to be an expert to produce outstanding results. The Lotus Palm system makes learning easy, and this workshop shows you how to tap into your own innate abilities to give a sensational massage.

Learn how to deliver a complete 20-minute massage, focusing on:

       •Safe and effective massage techniques that anyone can master

       • Loving touch, integrate “Metta” (loving kindness) and meditation into your massage

       • Massage for shoulders, back and legs

       • Practice principles of body alignment

Perfect for people without any bodywork experience, this training is also invaluable as continuing education for massage practitioners.

The gift of compassionate touch is empowering and available to everyone ready to discover it.

Guided Reviews

Who is this for?

For Lotus Palm Thai Massage students or practitioners.

Guided Reviews are 3-hour sessions during which a Lotus Palm instructor will guide an entire flow twice.  Students/practitioners will partner up with each other, both giving and receiving, for 90 minutes each.

Required Material

Guided reviews are open to any Lotus Palm Thai Massage student, (location of original training does not matter,) or practitioner who wishes to review a specific flow, improve transitions, refresh their memory or simply practice with a peer.

Dates these reviews are offered at Springfield Wellness in Dugald MB;

  • TBA

$25/session or $60 for all three sessions

To enrol please click the link at the bottom of this page to be re-directed to our online booking site, or contact Springfield Wellness directly

Coming soon!!!

Intro to Thai Massage

Thai massage Levels one and two

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